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[list] 10 Funniest and Yet Inspiring Teen Movies

Despite this silly genre will never win an Oscar, but this genre is watched by teenagers and has the chance to inspire them.

funny yet inspiring

I choose these 10 movies because I enjoyed watching them (I watched some during high school’s time). They make me laugh, and sometime they convey message about friendship, love, and life.


See my review here.
Several students open their own university just because they’re not accepted elsewhere.
To their surprise, many students apply.
This movie threw some questions about higher education.
Is it to prepare people to be successful according to our current society standard?
Is it to prepare people to really enjoy their life as they want to be?


See my review here.
Portrayed several typical ‘clique’ in high school society.
In a graduation party, some of them really had time of their life.
A sweet story on love(s), funny story on a nerd, etc.


Another teen movie about graduation party : 10 dares, 12 hours, 1 wild night.
A boy (Milo V, the ‘Peter Petrelli’ in Heroes) stepped up to save Meg’s (women he secretly loved) brother by taking a series of challenges (called “The Dirty Deeds”) within 12 hours. Only 1 person in history had completed the challenge and became a legend.
Along the way, he learned about life and love.

100 GIRLS (2000)

Sweet journey about a boy tried to find a girl he only knew from sex in dark elevator.
The only clue he had were her panty and fact that the girl was one of 100 girls in the dormitory.
The movie showed his determination to find this special one girl.
The climax was when he proclaimed his love for her to the whole dormitory.


Four boys vowed to lose their virginity before graduation party.
During the quest, each learned more about love in funny ways.
Silly… but sweet.

ROAD TRIP (1999)

A boy accidentally mixed up his love-message video for his girlfriend, with his recorded ‘affair’ with another girl.
So he assembled his best friends to do road trip to switch back the video and get back to finish his exam.
This memorable journey change their lives forever.
Tom Green is very funny in this movie.


A student carefully planned to take ‘day off’ from school.
He must fool his family, his teachers.
With his sister and his school’s headmaster on his tail, he must survive the day.
Very funny.


Who says girl’s world is easy to live.
Lindsay Lohan must carefully live her teenager life in the middle of the battle between girls clique and her parent’s expectation.
Since it’s almost Christmas, this movie played my favourite : Jingle Bell Rock.

SHE’s the MAN (2006)

Amanda Bynes must live a very difficult situation to become a boy (to play soccer with her room-mate) and a girl (to love his room-mate).
A very funny mistaken-identity movie.

REVENGE of the NERDS (1984)

A very funny about nerds.
And the most funny thing, this movie was before the era when the new billions dollar emporiums were built by computer nerds.

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