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[book] Become A Better You

Rating : ★★★★★

Become A Better You (Joel Oesteen)

Become A Better You (Joel Oesteen)

Category : Religion & Spirituality
Author : Joel Osteen

“God never performs His greatest feasts in your yesterdays” ~ Joel Osteen

Lagi seneng dengerin audiobook pake HP, jadi kalau di jalan engga boring ; walau to be upfront.. sering ketiduran sih 🙂

Buku pertama yg didengerin: Become A Better You dari Joel Osteen. Bagus banget dan menyenangkan! Alternatif lain dari dengerin musik, belum lagi audiobook ini sangat encouraging & uplifting!

“Today many people are developing a greater vision for their future and are experiencing more of God’s blessings and favor. But even if you are living your best life now, it is important that you do not become stagnant. God always wants us to increase us, to do more in and through us. He always wants to take us deeper into self discovery and then wants to raise us to a higher level of living. He didn’t create us to be average. He doesn’t want us to settle for “good enough”. He wants us to keep stretching, to keep pressing forward into the next level.

7 steps yang diajarkan di buku ini:

1. Keep Pressing Forward
2. Be Positive Toward Yourself
3. Develop Better Relationships
4. Form Better Habits
5. Embrace the Place Where You Are
6. Develop Your Inner Life
7. Stay Passionate About Life

When you believe the best in people, you help to bring the best out in them.

The events of your past do not reduce your potential. How somebody has treated you or what he or she said about you doesn’t change your potential.

When we believe, we take a step of faith and stretch ourselves; that’s when we start to tap into it. That’s when we’ll rise higher

Me personnaly, I really enjoy every word from it!


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