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[list] Best Movie 2018 (non Oscar Material!)

Watched a quite bunch of movies in 2018. Here are some memorable ones that I totally recommend to you. In random order.

Warning, I am not movie critics. If you are more to Oscar winning movie, look elsewhere.

Avengers Infinity Wars (2018)

IMDB link here

The epic box office!

One of the best superhero movie ever made. Thirty one movies are leading to this one. 31! And this final chapter is not disappointing. The plot and story to combine all these characters is very neat

The only small disappointment is the villains (except for Thanos). Maybe not enough time to tell more about them.

Venom (2018)

IMDB link here

The lovable antihero.

Well, the other candidate is Deadpool, but this one is fresh and entertaining.

Tom Hardy played well to portray Eddie Brock. This movie successfully makes Venom an interesting character. Disgusting, funny, and scary at the same time. The visualization of Venom’s capability in the actions sequences is also eye-pleasing.

Teen Titans Go! The Movie (2018)

IMDB link here

The animation kids love.

Several good animations this year. Maya the Bee and Hotel Transylvania 3, but my kids choose this as the winner.

The characters are funny (thanks to the series). They also love the songs.
Ironic to say that this is more enjoyable than the Justice League last year.

Anon (2018)

IMDB link here

The sci fi! You would think this was another one from Philip K. Dick

The premise is quite interesting. What if we can record all the things we see and hear, and government can access it for investigation? Seems not too distant future, eh.

So the ability to become anonymous will be an expensive commodity, especially to commit crimes.

Well, flaws here and there, but the story is intriguing, thrilling, and make us wondering when this will happen to us.

When We First Met (2018)

IMDB link here

The rom com.

Admit it, you miss Nora Ephron kind of movies. A fun romance, not the eye watering one.

This is a Netflix production. About a man trying to fix the past (yeah, time travel, Groundhog Day kind of thing) so he can prevent the engagement of the girl of his dream.

A movie that give you laughs, good feel about love.

A Quiet Place (2018)

IMDB link here

The horror.

It’s not typical slasher or demonic horror movies.
About monsters that are very sensitive to sound. So whatever you do, don’t make a sound.

This movie doesn’t make us jump out of scare, but really make us tense and wonder what comes next. A good scare and thrill.

Den of Thieves (2018)

IMDB link here

The crime story (heist movie).

A good crime story must have an clever-impossible heist plan, and a twist.
This movie has them all.

A no-nonsense sheriff clashes with charismatic robber. Both know the when and where, the heist will be.
So who will come out of this triumphantly?

Searching (2018)

IMDB link here

The innovative one.

Always love a movie that has a unique thing to remember.
This one has all the scenes shot from gadgets screens, from their apps (socmed, chats).

So along the movie we only see conversation (voice and video) and chats from laptops and phones. Also footage from cameras/CCTV, TV.

The story itself is a typical missing person case.
A girl disappeared, and the father tries to investigate it, and at the same time learns about his daughter’s life.

Detective Chinatown 2 (2018)

The ‘garing’ silly idiotic one.

Watched this during flight. A Chinese movie with silly characters and silly plot (crime solving). A Stephen Chow kind of movie

About a pair of detectives. One has photographic memory and read too many detective story, and the other one is the overconfident guy whose talk is louder than the act.

Maybe it’s too slapstick to some of you, but the story line is enjoyable and the plot/case is clever. The prequel is better though.

Ready Player One (2018)

IMDB link here

A must for game lover. It is filled with many references to popular games.
The story is also great, about a challenge from a game-developer billionaire who will give all his fortune to whoever can solve his three-part-puzzle.

Steven Spielberg really got this one right. Visually entertaining.


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