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[list] Best IPAD Apps for Children under 18mo

Finding the right ipad apps for children under 18 mo is not easy. Two main reasons : (a) they cannot use ipad well yet, (b) they will lose f [...]

[list] 10 Interesting Movie Characters

Some fascinating characters :   1. Homer Simpsons (“The Simpsons”) He might be the ‘missing link’ between ape a [...]

[list] 10 Con Movies

A confidence game (con, scam) is an attempt to intentionally mislead persons (“mark”) usually with financial gain or other gain [...]

[list] 10 Movies with Surprise Ending

Ending di sini bukan selalu bertema who-dun-it (siapa pelakunya). Bukan pula film con/heist yang biasanya juga memberikan kejutan di akhir f [...]

[list] Top 10 iPad Apps (non game) You Should Have from the Start

It might represent my profile that has mixed use of iPad : business and personal. And I will not include social media or well-known website [...]

[music] 10 Doo Wop Songs

Doo wop from Wiki : click here. This is an old music genre that I really like to hear recently. I was attracted to this genre mainly because [...]

[list] 10 Funniest and Yet Inspiring Teen Movies

Despite this silly genre will never win an Oscar, but this genre is watched by teenagers and has the chance to inspire them. I choose these [...]

[list] 10 Best Movie Quotes from 100 AFI Movie Quotes (can you guess the movies?)

100 Movie Quotes is a list of the top 100 movie quotations in American cinema by AFI (American Film Institute). Here are my 10 favourites (s [...]

[list] 5 Kids Who Will Be Big Hollywood Stars

It’s all beginning with watching Batman Begins. The actor – Christian Bale. Pernah main jadi anak di Empire of the Sun. Lantas t [...]

[list] 5 Romance Movies that Push Too Much Luck

I don’t say these movies suck. Some of them are my favourites. But must admit that the luck ingredient is too much. 1. SERENDIPITY (20 [...]

[list] 25 Remarkable Animation Characters

AnimationĀ is the rapid display of a sequence of images of 2-D artwork or model positions in order to create an illusion of movement. It is [...]

[list] The Most Confusing Movies

Some movies are very confusing. Sometime, it is confusing because of the plot/story, like “Matrix”, “Usual Suspects” [...]

[list] Top 10 Funny Actors

Call them slapstick and cannot act, but laugh is a very expensive thing. And IMHO, comedian is very challenging occupation. JIM CARREY… [...]

[list] Top 10 Movies with BEST SONGS in Them

Some movies have a great collection of songs as their soundtrack. Here are my selections : MY BEST FRIEND WEDDING (1997) Romantic selection& [...]

[list] Top 5 “Inspiring Sport Movies”

One of my favourite movie genres is sport, mainly because sport movies can lift your spirit up. They show you that sometime underdogs can wi [...]
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