About Us

Greetings from e2rd_san and admonike

hello there!

We are married since 1999. We live in Tangerang area (greater Jakarta), Indonesia.

We believe every person’s life is an interesting story, and that internet is a amazing technology to share it.

So, this website is our place to share bits and pieces of our life : things we like, events, places, thoughts, and many random things.

Our expression in this website is purely personal. The postings do not represent the views of any religion, any political view, or the views of companies we work for.

Most of the contents are re-created from our old blogs at Multiply.

Just a warning.

We also use this website to be grumpy about life (work or personal).
We also want to look wise by quoting from here and there 🙂

Our other online existence :

Twitter : @e2rd_san and @admonike

Pinterest : e2rd and admonike

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