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[mov-quote] 2:22 (2017)

My Dad told me  that people have always looked at the patterns of the stars
to predict what was going to happen in their lives,
and if you could understand those patterns,
you’d be able to know what was gonna happen before anyone else did.
The last time we saw each other he told me that each star’s light has taken decades to reach us
and how it always burns brightest right before it dies.
So now, whenever a distant star lights up,
I always feel like somewhere, somehow, someone’s life is about to end


We made it.
So as expected, the dying star Hamlin did finally disappear.
But somewhere, somehow another star was born right after.
Dad’s predictions all those years ago did finally play out.
He was right when he said in everyone’s life there comes a time
or, in my case, many times…
When the universe opens itself for just a few moments
to show us what’s truly possible.


(Thanks to Dylan Branson at 2:22 Movie)


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