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[list] 10 Con Movies

A confidence game (con, scam) is an attempt to intentionally mislead persons (“mark”) usually with financial gain or other gain (Wikipedia).

This is one of my favorite genre for movie, but unfortunately there are not many movies in this genre. (PS : I differentiate between con game movies and heist movies like Inside Man or Ocean’s Eleven).

So to make this list, I think I practically list down all good con movies I ever saw.

confidence game movies


IMDB rating is 7.1 – link is here

Steve Martin and Michael Caine were both con artists with different style. Michael was using his charm and glamorous style to implant confidence, while Steve was playing sad and unfortunate guy to obtain sympathy.

To decide who’s the best, they made a bet. They picked a victim and whoever could get more money from the victim will win the bet and the loser will leave the town. Very funny movie.

2. THE STING (1973)

IMDB rating is 8.4 – link is here

This is one of the important milestone for con movie. The movie won 7 Oscars in 1973.

Paul Newman and Robert Redford teamed up to take revenge on one guy. They elaborated plan known as “The Wire”, one of the famous trick in con-book.

3. HUSTLE (2004-2012)

The only TV series I put in this list. For more info find this Wiki page.

This series will describe what is con is all about, the philosophy behind it. Great characters, great plot. Each episode is 1 hour, and each season has 6 episodes. It has just ended in 2012 (8th season – totaling 48 episodes).

4. HEIST (1989 – TV movie)

IMDB rating is 6.0 – link is here

Long before Thomas Crown Affair (a heist movie), Pierce Brosnan played in this HBO movie. He got out from prison and planned to take revenge on his former partners in casino security business by robbing the casino money, sending his partner to prison, and getting back his lover.

But the problem his partner knew, and Pierce knew that his partner knew.


IMDB rating is 7.8 – link is here

A unique movie. First is like North by Northwest, about misidentity. Slevin was falsely recognised by everybody. He was accused to owe money to two most terrifying mob bosses in town.

But apparently, there was bigger plot awaited to fool everyone. Almost everyone.


IMDB rating is 7.8 – link is here

Two con men met by accident and together plot a scam to forge stamps called The Nine Queens and tried to sell it to rich collectors. But when it involves two con men, you don’t know who’s fooling who.

See my review.


IMDB rating is 5.8 – link is here

An aging con man and his protege tried to survive a messy situation.

Thick plot. Quite complex. but very entertaining. See also my review.

8. ALIBI(2006)

IMDB rating is 6.4 – link is here

I also have reviewed this movie here.

This movie is also a typical movie when someone must come out from a very difficult situation by fooling everyone.


IMDB rating is 7.3 – link is here

Robert Zemeckis is one of favorite director. He always amazes me with his films. This is one of them. Nicholas Cage is a con artist whose life is changed after he just found out that he has a daughter. But that was just the beginning.

10. CONFIDENCE (2003)

IMDB rating is 6.7 – link is here

Save the best for last. A complex con scheme to rob a greedy bank manager while at the same time get away from a tailing mob boss.

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