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[resto] Bai Jia Da Yuan – Bai Family Mansion (Beijing)

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We visited this restaurant during our visit to Beijing 2015 (link here).

We accidentally found this restaurant, because we stayed at Beijing Sommerset Zhong Guan Cun (link here). When we searched nearby restaurants, this one appeared and we’re really glad we chose this one.

The address : 15 Suzhou St, and it’s only 10 minutes walking from our apartment hotel.

When we arrived at the restaurant, you knew you would experience an unique ambience. A staff dressing in Qing Dynasty outfit greeted us and escorted us inside. It’s really a huge compound, a mini mini Forbidden City. Several buildings inside, with garden, pond and lanterns.

The setting is stunning!

The setting is stunning!

The largest building was for public, while the smaller ones serve as VIP rooms. The waiter told us that the main building will feature some shows performed.

OK.. now let’s see the menu. The price was not to high (considering the setting – and the performance), however we saw there’s an item called ‘Performance’, we are wondering whether it will be charged as we were sitting in the main building.

The inside atmosphere is surreal!

The inside atmosphere is surreal!

The food is not that special. Maybe because we ordered typical menu. We only ordered two meat items and one soup for five adults (three of us are elders) and two kids. And it’s more than enough. The menu size was huge.

And the performance was good. There’s tea serving demonstration, some dances and Bian Lian (mask changing). Entertaining.

The entertainment is included!

The entertainment is included!

The performance’s apparently included in menu price. Total spending (including tips) RMB 400. Not bad at all for a luxury setting and entertaining performance. When you visited the Peking Duck restaurant, that amount would cover the duck only.

A very recommended place.

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