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[travelog] Xian, China (2018) (with Children & Elders)

Summary Untuk log makanan Xian, pls see http://edunik.com/home/?p=6352 Overall, trip ke Xian ternyata amat menyenangkan. Personally, lebih m [...]

[travelog] China 2017 – Zhangjiajie (with children & elders)

Ini merupakan perjalanan bersama kami yang ke-4. Jadi seperti Family Annual Trip. Tiga generasi. Ada anak2 umur 5 tahun, dan tiga orang 74-8 [...]

[resto] Bai Jia Da Yuan – Bai Family Mansion (Beijing)

Category : Chinese Food We visited this restaurant during our visit to Beijing 2015 (link here). We accidentally found this restaurant, beca [...]

[travelog] Beijing, China (2015)

After last year to Singapore (click here), this was our 2nd overseas trip with Toddlers and Elders. Plans has been made a year before. We [...]

[electronic] Xiaomi Mi3

Official site : http://www.mi.com/en/mi3 Part 1 – Why? From my previous posts about my handphone history (click here and here for my r [...]

[travelog] Hanzhou & Shanghai (2007)

2-6 November 2007 Ada yang bilang, kalo ke China.. ke Beijing lihat tembok China, ke Shanghai lihat kepala orang, ke Hanzhou lihat kota yang [...]

[mov-quote] Riding Alone for Thousands of Miles

People have never understood my obsession with folk operas I’ve been drawn to them because they mirror my life I’ve come to realize tht [...]

[book] The China Study

Rating : ★★★★ Category : Health, Mind, Body Author : T. Colin Campbell, P.HD. “Good health is about being able to fully enjoy the [...]

[mov] A Battle of Wits – Muk Gong (2006)

Sometime title can mislead you. I thought this movie is about battle and rivalry between two great minds. One is Ge Li (Andy Lau), a Mozi th [...]

[mov] Infernal Affairs Trilogy (2002-2003)

Genre : Thriller, Crime Rating : 5/5 IMDB link : the movie, the prequel, the sequel I have watched the “Infernal Affairs” back i [...]

[menu] Kue Bulan

Selain perayaan Kue Keranjang, setiap tanggal 15 bulan 8 imlek – Pue Gwee Cap Go(biasanya di bulan September), orang Tionghoa di selur [...]

[mov] Hero {Yin Xiong} (2002)

Genre : History (Classic) Rating : 5/5 Verdict : One of the best storytelling.. IMDB link di sini Hero is a story about a person (“Nam [...]

[mov] The Promise (2005)

Genre : scifi, drama Rating : 5/5 Verdict : one of the finest movie I’ve ever seen IMDB link click here Once you have accepted your de [...]

[mov] Gie (2005)

Genre : biography, drama Rating : 4/5 IMDB link click here “Lebih baik diasingkan daripada menyerah pada kemunafikan.” Setelah film [...]

[life] That’s me!

I am indeed of Chinese descent— but like many Indonesian Chinese, I spurned my heritage when I was little.  The following is my chinese n [...]
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