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[mov] Infernal Affairs Trilogy (2002-2003)

Genre : Thriller, Crime
Rating : 5/5
IMDB link : the movie, the prequel, the sequel

I have watched the “Infernal Affairs” back in 2003.

Infernal Affairs Trilogy

Now, before I watch “The Departed”, I decided to see the sequels, completing the Trilogy.

After waching all the three movies, I think the first is the real masterpiece.
The 2nd and 3rd only provide some explanation about what happened before and what happen next.

I always think that mafia movies from Hongkong film industry are far better (at least as entertainment) than Hollywood. Godfather is truly remarkable as a mob movie, but after that every Hollywood’s mob movie cannot get out of the Godfather’s shadow.
Hongkong mafia movies have more ugly scenes and more plots.

Infernal Affairs brings HK mob movie to the next level.
The story is quite simple but very smart and genius.
Story about cop versus mob.
The cop assigns a mole to the mob.
The mob also assigns a mole to the police force.
And when both realise they each have moles within their departments, things become cat-mouse chasing.
Who will be discovered first? So it is very thrilling!

But in term of character, the movie is also very strong.
Can you imagine how a good cop must blend in mob organisation.
He must think, behave and act as a mob. This condition of course will play tricks on the mind.

The casting is amazing.
Anthony Wong (plays as cop’s commander) and Eric Tsang (as mob boss) are very good.
And who can play Yan (cop who must go undercover) better than Tony Leung.
Andy Lau is also good at playing Ming (mob who infiltrates cop).
Only Kelly Chen is weak in playing psychiatrist.

The second sequel reveals the early years of the 4 main characters.
Again, a great casts are there. Edison Chen, Shawn Yue, Carina Lau, Francis Ng.
The third and final sequel tells us what happened next, with some flashbacks. Leon Lai and Chen Dao Ming are in this sequel.

I will definitely watch and write about “The Departed” soon, but even before watching it, I really recommend everyone to see this movie.

A truly masterpiece. Must-see!!

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