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[sport] Arsenal 2013’s Transfer

What the hell is Charles Dickens doing in Arsenal’s transfer business this summer? Well, let’s start with ‘Great Expectati [...]

[people] Thierry Henry (Jan 09 2012)

The last I wrote about Henry was when he moved to Barcelona 2007. The writing is here. Today I write this blog entry, simply because I’ [...]

[sport] The End of Arsenal Season 2007/2008

The final whistle at Old Trafford was also the final whistle for Arsenal’s season. One penalty at Anfield. One penalty and one freekic [...]

[sport] Arsenal 2007

Looking at Arsenal’s activity in transfer market, I might not be the one who worry about their chance in the upcoming season. The depa [...]

[people] Thierry Henry

At last, Thierry Henry, the talisman of Arsenal moves to Barcelona the next season. In the most tough competition in the world (English Prem [...]

[documentary] Arsenal : 49 Unbeaten (2004)

49 matches unbeaten… In 1955, Rocky Marciano did it in boxing sport. Almost 50 years later, Arsenal did it in English premier league. [...]

[soccer] Arsenal FC

I love Arsenal not because of emotional or unreasonable love. The only club with emotional bind is only Persib Bandung, simply because I was [...]
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