[sport] The End of Arsenal Season 2007/2008

The final whistle at Old Trafford was also the final whistle for Arsenal’s season.
One penalty at Anfield. One penalty and one freekick at OT.
No silverware since 2006. Worst streak for Wenger.

But this is not totally unpredictable.
Read my previous posting here.

And actually, only 3 defeat in EPL is not bad at all.

But Arsenal just doesn’t have enough squad depth.
When Rocisky and RVP were out, they’re struggling to get goals.
Four successive draws (ironically, it’s during my travel to England) costed them a lot of points.

When Sagna was out too, Liverpool got two goals from right side (Gerrard’s cross at 1st leg and Babel’s penalty at 2nd leg).

One good sign is the way they play is various now.
Goals are coming from free kick, scrimages, even direct long ball to Sheyi.

I hope Wenger :
1. Can keep their talented youngsters motivated
2. Get better goal keeper (Frey?)
3. Get more experience players in their bench.

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