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[people] Thierry Henry

The King

At last, Thierry Henry, the talisman of Arsenal moves to Barcelona the next season.

In the most tough competition in the world (English Premier League), he scored 174 goals in 8 seasons (17-17-24-24-30-25-27-10), making him the all-time leading scorer in Arsenal.

From all strikers I ever know, he is the best.
Except for last year performance (when he suffered long injury), he is very effective when he has the chance to score in one-on-one situation. His curling strike to the corner can fool any keeper.

He is also very good in rushing into the goal.
His goal against Real Madrid (Champions League 2006) and against Liverpool (in the Unbeaten Season) are two of the great goals he scored, by penetrating enemy’s defence from midfield and scored.

Like his compatriot, Dennis Bergkamp, Henry scored many great goals.
Heel goal against Southampton, lob goal and volley against Manchester United,
many free-kicks… ah so many goals
[check it on Youtube :-)]

So how’s Arsenal without Henry?
Not bad I guess… maybe better for both sides.

Henry is too charismatic to stay in current squad.
He is demigod in Arsenal while the rest of the players are either new (Hleb, Rocisky) or young talents (Fabregas, Walcott, Adebayor).

1. When he plays, all players in the field are his ‘servant’, afraid to make wrong moves, always try to pass the ball to him, making them not unleashing their maximum potential when the king is in the field.

2. Last season, when he was not around, Arsenal still played beautiful attacking soccer game (the best in the world!). Last season, they squander the goal scoring chance too easy. In all their lost matches, Arsenal got many clean chances.

3. Arsenal has Robin van Persie. He is also very sharp and effective in scoring, with some great goals already (remember his volley to Charlton last season?).

4. In Barcelona, Henry is new player. There he can play with Ronaldinho and Messi, making the three of them are the most fascinating attacking force in the world.

But hopefully (with departure of Henry, Baptista, and Aliediere), Arsenal brings in world class striker to fill the squad, otherwise when the injuries strike, they will be in difficult situation.

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