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What the hell is Charles Dickens doing in Arsenal’s transfer business this summer? Well, let’s start with ‘Great Expectations’. Suddenly, “A Tale of Two Luis’” came into play. After that, the only fear is that the ending will be represented by “Bleak House“.

But, is Wenger completely lost his mojo this window? I (hope that I) don’t think so. Of course I am not him nor an expert in transfer business, but if I try to step back and view this overall transfer window, there are some situations that hopefully provides some optimism for all the Gunners around the world.

Deduction 1. Wenger already decided his STARTING XI for this season.

He’s quite firm with his current squad that beat Bayern, and got a very good result in the last third of last year’s campaign. The extensions given to Ramsey, Walcott, Gibss, and Ox clearly showed his confidence on this team.

Szczesny-Sagna-Per-Kos-Gibbs on the back, with Monreal-Jenks-Vermaelen as back up. Arteta-Ramsey-Wilshere-Diaby-Ox-Rosicky-Cazorla-Podolski-Walcott for 5 slots in midfield, and Giroud as ST. Backup for Giroud is Walcott or Poldi.

Deduction 2. Wenger only looking for TWO types of players.

If the deduction 1 is correct, logically Wenger will look for only two types of players :

(a) deputy/super subs for several positions : DM, ST, GK, and Winger (especially since Gervinho left – didn;t see that coming).
(b) star player, with note : must fit the current system — and isn’t this what Wenger mentioning since the beginning of the transfer window?

This will explain why Arsenall missed on Higuain and Gustavo. World cup is coming. Will they be in the starting XI? Giroud and Arteta will definitely the first choices. So, will they come? Maybe if they’re only after the money, but trust me, top-top players will not do that (at least when World Cup in sight), otherwise they’ll end up just like the greatest striker in the world with shirt no 52.

Deduction 3 – Wenger is still the professor

Can you believe that Wenger really that ‘random’ and ‘unplanned’ in this transfer window? We’re talking about a manager who control his players diet, hardcore believer in Moneyball and statistics. Let’s look last year situation.  I always believed Wenger had predicted what the little boy inside RVP wanted, by signing both Poldi and Giroud last year.

And with this warchest, there is no way he let so many players go, and not making any signings. Especially when he sold Gervinho, Djorou, and Arshavin. He needs to replace the bodies.

So… with all the deductions above, my prediction is simple :

1. Arsenal will buy. Wenger needs the bodies. My perspective on Wenger will totally have a u-turn if he’s really not buying.

2. It all comes down to the last minutes of transfer window. Why hurry? If you needs only the backup, why don’t you wait until the last minute. No risk of price-war, media exposure. Arsene has the list (yes, he definitely has). Several names of the list needs to be tested by submitting bids early and without any follow up (at least in our knowledge).

3. My prediction on the transfer-IN outcome :

(a) CB – I am pretty sure about this position. There is no way Wenger will let Ignasi and Djourou out without any addition. My bet will be on Samba or Williams or surprises like when Arsenal recruited Silvestre.

(b) Winger – cannot depend on Walcott, Ox , Cazorla, and Poldi alone. Somebody needs to replace Gervinho and Arshavin. Possible of big name is in this position. Di Maria?  But somehow, I got a feeling Suarez is definitely leaving Liverpool… (but i’m not sure where, hopefully it’s Arsenal).

(c) Striker and GK are optional. If GK is bought, I think it will be Begovic. Stoke has already Butland and Sorensen. For Striker, I think it’s only when Wenger finds suitable and available players.

(d) Others : well perhaps the like of Flamini and Cabaye are possible. Not really needing Cabaye, but if he’s available for less than 15M, why not?



1. Surprisingly, No CB, no Winger, No Striker. Wenger completely believes in this current squad, and he has every reason to do so.  I just hope there is no injury plague to players in same position.

2. Mezut Ozil is completely a great signing. He’s only 24 with a lot of praises from many managers and players. He’s a game changer, who can break the tightest defence. And with Walcott speed and Giroud poacher, his pass can be deadly.

3. Flamini is a good signing as well for DM. He’s fearless, tireless, and very combative midfielder.

4. Emiliano Viviano is also a gem. He can challenge Szczęsny to achieve more.

OVERALL : After selling their flesh ounce by ounce for the last 4 years, Arsenal is finally back in business to strengthening the squad. It will be an interesting season. And this windows proves : In Arsene We Trust!


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