[soccer] It All Started in 1982 …

My first World Cup was Spain 1982 (can’t believe it’s been 32 years!).

At  that World Cup, BRASIL under Tele Santana won my heart. One of the best soccer team ever assembled.

As a 9-yr-old boy who played soccer in the backyard, I was fascinated by reading newspaper article that portrayed Zico, Socrates, Falcao, Eder, Cerezo as football’s great artists. And from TVRI, I was simply amazed by how the Brasilian played.

one of two best teams ever (the other one is Wenger's Unbeaten Arsenal 2003/4)

one of two best teams ever (the other one is Wenger’s Unbeaten Arsenal 2003/4)

Eder’s long range goal, was cemented in my memory. Just before I wrote this article, I test memory by You-Tube-ing that particular goal. And, amazingly, it’s just as what it’s been in my memory for 32 years!

I remember exactly, during that World Cup, because of time difference, the last-night result was publish the day after. Therefore, after school, I kept searching/tuning the radio in SW band to listen the result of World Cup from foreign radio. Trying to get the result ahead of reading from newspaper.

After qualified from First Round, Brasil was put in a death-group with Argentina and Italy. Brasil beat Argentina, and only needed draw with Italy to qualify. But luck favored Italy. A man called Paolo Rossi scored hattrick against Brasil. Brasil lost 3-2 in one of the best World Cup games ever.

That’s my first World Cup!


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