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[list] 5 Romance Movies that Push Too Much Luck

I don’t say these movies suck. Some of them are my favourites.
But must admit that the luck ingredient is too much.



From the start, we feel the ‘serendipity’ aura. The gloves, the devil in the lift, the ‘Cool Hand Luke’. But it seems that luck lady is quite unfair when the dollar bill and the book were found… (but still… we love it, don’t we?)


Nora Ephron’s movie always put ‘luck’ in her romance ingredients although the luck is quite subtle. Three of her movies are my all-time favorites (Sleepless, You’ve Got Mail, When Harry Met Sally). Seattle is my pick for ‘destiny-kind-of-thing’ because in order to meet, so many events must happen.


Two people separate only by a room. But everyday one of them always leave the room by turning to the right, and the other one to the left. They order to the same restaurant…. But luck is involved too much when they always appear together in photos…. ay-ay-ay…

4. AUGUST RUSH (2007)

The luck is the music. A father, a mother, and their child find each other after so many years by only magical musical things.

5. WICKER PARK (2004)

One girl tries so hard to separate two soulmates. But luck aura is too strong to handle.
From the start he realised (by hearing sound) until the end (the airport).

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