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[series] Hustle (2004-2011)

For me, it’s probably the best series I ever watched. See here for admonike’s review.

Two Hustle teams

The story is about con men, about a team consist of :
– Michael, legendary conman who never got caught. The inside man.
– Albert, old charming fellow. The roper.
– Ash, man who will provide the equipment.
– Stacie, attractive lady.
– Danny, the young conman who want to be like Mike.

Later seasons, only Michael, Albert, and Ash are accompanied by Emma and Sean Kennedy.

This group perform a ‘long con’, a carefully planned confidence game.
The story is always simple.
How the ‘roper’ lures the ‘mark’ (victim) and gain confidence.
Then the ‘roper’ will send the ‘mark’ to the ‘inside man’ who will play the key role to con the ‘mark’.

They have principles. Number one : never con a honest man.
Greedy people are more easy to take the bait.

48 Episode in total.
One con scheme for each episode.
If you like con movie, this is a MUST SEE. Each episode is so special.
The scheme, the twist, the coolness…

Verdict : YOU MUST SEE!

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