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[list] Best IPAD Apps for Children under 18mo

Finding the right ipad apps for children under 18 mo is not easy. Two main reasons : (a) they cannot use ipad well yet, (b) they will lose focus if the apps is too boring.

But after installing so many apps, there are two basic rules.

First, there are only two types of apps for them : (a) SHOWED to them, or (b) TOUCHED by them. Some apps can be for both.

Second, in the end, good children app provides : (a) simple interaction, (b) lots of element to show (color/figure/shape) and (c) topics to teach them.

Here are my list, I don’t put links, just search from app store.

1. Songs-Stories (by Samsung) 

What the apps does : Songs (nursery) and stories. FREE songs and stories with in-app purchase.

Why I like it : (a) the song is short… trust me, you don’t want to go through the Hickory Dickory Dock until the clock strike twelve 🙂 and (b) the illustration is fun to watch and can be used as cards (frog, star, bird) as well.

2. I Hear Ewe

What the apps does : List of animals and vehicles with their sound (if touched). FREE.

Why I like it : (a) simple, only 36 items in 3 section, (b) it can be used as cards, (c) no ads (meaning your child cannot accidentally click on it).

3. Toddler (by weedoo)

What the apps does : Provide three FREE sets (dessert, jungle, farm). Each set has elements (animals, plants) that will make animation and sound if you touch them.

Why I like it : (a) the animation is fun – the sound is funny, (b) easy to play with – if your child has favorite element, he/she will continuously click it and laugh

4. Animals (by happy touch)

Same as no 3 above. Provide two FREE sets (meadow and beach). But the difference : the element is not so obvious, and some animation is taking too long. It will be more fun than no 3 for older age when they understand the cause and effect of what they click and the animation.

5. Fairy Tale (by toca boca)

What the apps does : Dressing game. Two figures (boy and girl).

A lot of dressing games are too difficult. This app enables your child click on the clothes to change their style, and only give two simple sets of modifications : (a) color of your clothing, and (b) elements (cap, shoes)

Why i lke it : many dressing games, but this one cleverly enable your children to click and drag easily, no complicated selections (shoes-bracelet-hat-etc etc), and the model/figure can response to your selection.

6. Winnie the Pooh (Pooh Birthday)

What the apps does : Paid app. Story with mini games in it.

Why i like it : the short and easier version of Mickey Mouse Road Rally. It’s not too long until your children lose their focus. One simple thing I like : they provide ‘butterfly’ icon in some pages, if you click it, it flies… simple thing that attracts your child.

7. Talking Tom 2

What the apps does : Make a sound and Tom will recite. FREE with in-app purchase.

Why i like it : Of course your children will find it fun when every sound they make are repeated by Tom. But what is also fun is you can poke Tom, and it will react in a funny way.

8. MyDogs

What the apps does : Virtual pet. You can feed the dog, give the dog a bath, interact with the dog and walk the dog.

Why i like it : Come on. Children love dog, and we limit them to touch the real one. So they always like when the dog is fed, the dog is running around, and barks.


9. Balloons

What the apps does : Pop the right balloons (animal/color/number). FREE.

Why i like it : Well, children under 2 still find it difficult to choose the right balloons to pop, but they found it fun to pop the balloons.

10. Apple basic –> CAMERA & PHOTO

Well, CAMERA is fun to play (both directions), and by PHOTO you can create any flash card you want.

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