[travelog] Bukit Tinggi (2006)

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Four years ago, drive from Medan to Padang and overnight in Bukit Tinggi. This time, Nov 2006 – flew from Jakarta
to Padang, and next to Bukit Tinggi. One hour scenic drive from Padang through the natural beauty-magnificient
countryside of the Anai Valley & Sianok canyon. It was still fun to be back.

Sate Mak Syukur

Sate Mak Syukur

Bukit Tinggi is one small area located on a 1000m above sea level. The town is best explored by foot starting at the market, where many parking areas are available.

The famous Jam Gadang – the town’s clock tower (so the called Bukit Tinggi as Kota Gadang), traditional market (Pasar Atas) with the beautiful handicraft, kebaya & minang traditional costume.

Bukit Tinggi, formerly named Fort De Cock by the Dutch, has a cool climate and is surrounded by three volcanoes: Tandikat, Singgalang and Merapi. From Novotel Coralia hotel, one of the best hotel in Bukit Tinggi – we’ll see
the two of them: Singgalang and Merapi volcanoes.

In the afternoon, off to Padang and stopped by at Sate Padang Mak Syukur in Padang Panjang for very late delicious lunch.

Next visit time to must-see: Lake Maninjau, Pagaruyung Palace and Pandai Sikek.

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