[book] The One Minute Manager Meets the Monkey

Rating : ★★★★★
Category : Business & Investing
Author : Kenneth H. Blanchard

One Minute Manager - Meets the Monkey

One Minute Manager – Meets the Monkey

Description: When a person goes to the boss with a problem and the boss agrees to do something about it, the monkey is off his back and onto the boss’s. How can managers avoid these leaping monkeys?


A lot of times, busy managers (over worked, doing long hours, stressed and as a result is a poor leader) are busy because they are doing the staff’s work! “Let me think about.” “I will sort that out for you” “I’ll get back to you on this.” These statements remove responsibility for a task from a subordinate and places it on your shoulders!
One reason could be because of a “white knight” syndrome or a “do-gooder” syndrome where you think you are “helping your staff” or that you are the only one capable of “making important decisions”.


The monkey is the problem. When a staff person comes into our office with a problem or monkey, do we take the monkey, or show them how to care and feed the monkey for themselves?
When we take the monkey, we rob the staff of the growth and learning opportunity of caring for and feeding their own monkey. Not only do they not grow from the experience of you solving their problems for them, but also, we have taught them that we are the only one who can handle problems. Soon, we are angry and frustrated because your office if full of everyone else’s monkeys.


Who owns the monkey? The person who is responsible for the next step or move in the project or problem. For every monkey there are two parties involved: One to work it and one to supervise it. When you take the monkey away from a person, in essence what you are saying is “You’re not capable of handling this problem so I had better take care of it myself.”


Effectively it is a book of delegation and coaching, so here are the 4 lessons of the monkey:
Rule 1: Describe the Monkey: the dialogue must not end until the appropriate “next moves” have been identifies and specified.
Rule 2: Assign the Monkey: All monkeys shall be owned and handled at the lowest organizational level consistent with their welfare.
Rule 3: Insure the Monkey: Every monkey leaving your presence on the back of one of your people must be covered by one of two insurance policies:
1. Recommend, the Act
2. Act, then Advise
Rule 4: Check on the Monkey: Proper follow-up means healthier monkeys. Every monkeys should have a checkup appointment.


The One Minute Manager meets the Monkey is another in the One Minute Manager series. Written in a narrative style with lessons along the way. This book give us a full recommendation how to handle the monkey on your back.


It is an easy read, simple advice & stories and full of practical insights about getting our subordinates to solve their own problems. I recommend this book as a must read and have not just for first time & mid-level managers, but for everybody.


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