[travel] Pulau Umang

See our journey to Pulau Umang here.

How to Get There?

  1. Drive from Jakarta – Merak Highway – Exit Serang Timur – Follow the Sign to Tanjung Lesung – Pandeglang – Follow the Sign to Pulau Umang.This route is shorter, but you will gain time only if you drive very early in the morning (since the traffic is heavier during daytime and you must drive uphill and downhill with a lot of turns).
  2. Drive from Jakarta – Merak Highway – to Carita – Labuan – Follow the Sign to Pulau UmangThis route has longer distance but more convenient since the road is quite straight, and you can drive along the beach.

Itinerary Suggestion

Upon booking, choose to have the FREE (included) lunch on the first day instead on the last day.

Itinerary if you only spend 1 day :

05.00 am – Start driving from Jakarta, take A route.
If you’re lucky (or unlucky), you will experience fog in some areas.
09.30 am – You should’ve arrived at the island.
Put your belonging at Front Office, and start activity on the island.
01.00 pm – Lunch (although it starts at 12, better have it a little late)
02.00 pm – Check in your room, and continue your activity.
Do all beach activities on the first day!
04.00 pm – Go to Pulau Oar (watch sunset)
08.00 pm – Dinner (again, a bit late)
Finish the day by having a nice conversation in one of the hut.
07.00 am – Breakfast (for BF, try to be as early as possible)
Spend the morning by swiming in pool or having jacuzzi.
12.00 pm – Set to go back. Use B route.
14.00 pm – Have lunch at Carita or Anyer (try Sol Elite Marbela or seafood in front of that hotel).

What to Do?

Island : Sunbathing, Walking along the beach, Karaoke, Bilyard, Swim & Jacuzzi.
Water : Snorkling, Banana Boat, Jetski, Jukung (kayaking), Go Around the Island using Speedboat, go to Pulau Oar and swim there.

Here are some images taken during the trip. Click the picture to see detail view, and click on it again to close the detail view.

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