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[mov] Rinne – Reincarnation (2005)


This is from HSBC Movie Marathon day. See also this blog.

This is from Takashi Shimizu, formerly known from his horror masterpiece : Ju-On and The Grudge.

Like Ju On, from the beginning, there’re some unrelated scenes that the corelation will be revealed in the end.

The main plot is around an old mass murder case when a professor killed 11 victims, including his wife and his two kids, before killing himself in a hotel.

Two girls somehow are involved mysteriously in this event. The first girl will play in a movie about the case (as the last victim, the daughter). The second girl always dreams about the hotel.

The movie will scare you in Japanese style. Dolls are scary, and this movie will use this as the main ingredient to scare you.

Big twist (but not as good as in Ringu) in the end.

Final Verdict : How good is this movie? Well, it worths to be a Hollywood remake.


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