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[mov] Big Nothing (2006)

Big Nothing (2006)

Genre : thriller, noir
Rating 4/5
Verdict : reminds me a lot of Fargo, but IMO this is darker.
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The movie starts with portrayal of frustrating man (David Schwimmer, who still plays Ross-a-like character). Simon Pegg also starred in this movie.

He, then, is involved in a plot to blackmail a local priest with his friend and a girl.
It should be very simple.
1. The girl will call the priest to reveal his ‘sin’ and ask for USD 100 k
2. His friend will go there and collect the money
3. He will prepare an alibi for his friend

But thing goes very very wrong.
The plot is getting thicker and thicker, involving murder, betrayal, mistaken identity, serial killer, and cops.

Really reminds you of Fargo…. The wife is also a cop!!

Very funny, but in dark way.

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