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[mov] Seven Times Lucky (2004)

Seven Times Lucky (2004)

Genre : Con, Mystery, Suspense
Rating : 4/5
Verdict : a good con movie that is worth to be watched more than once
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It is good because the plot is quite complicated.

A small grifter (Kevin Pollak) used US 10k of his boss money to gamble.
His friend was much more in trouble by owing US 100K to a big mob boss.
So they pulled out a scam involving his protege (a charming girl).
Soon, this simple plan takes a detour into rip-offs, double crosses.

But this movie’s soon becoming cold, because it’s too ambitious to make a complex plot into less-than-two-hours movie.
Great con games usually has a simple plot but involving a lot of people (Ocean’s Eleven), or has a complex plot but involving fewer people (Matchstick Men).
This movie tries to accomplish both.

So, the complicated plot has only limited time to be ended, so there is no time to build the excitement.
Some sub plots are revealed too easily.
It diminishes the enjoyment of having a good climax ending. But it is still a good con movie to watch.

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