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[song] Gaudeamus Igitur

gaudeamus igitur

Masih inget pas graduation day? Masih inget lagu ini? Lagu wajibnya yang lagi wisudaan..

Gaudeamus igitur,                       Let us therefore rejoice,
Juvenes dum sumus;                  While we are young;
Post icundum iuventutem,      After our youth,
Post molestam senectutem      After a troublesome old age
Nos habebit humus.                    The ground will hold us.


Vita nostra brevis est,              Our life is brief,
Brevi finietur;                               It will shortly end;
Venit mors velociter,                Death comes quickly,
Rapit nos atrociter;                    Cruelly snatches us;
Nemini parcetur.                         No-one is spared.


Ubi sint qui ante nos                Where are those who before us
In mundo fuere?                        Existed in the world?
Vadite ad superos,                    You may go up to the gods,
Transite in inferos                     You may cross into the underworld
Hos si vis videre.                        If you wish to see them.


Vivat academia,                           Long live the university,
Vivant professores,                    Long live the teachers,
Vivat membrum quodlibet,    Long live each male student,
Vivat membra quaelibet;         Long live each female student;
Semper sint in flore!                   May they always flourish!


Vivat et republica                    Long live the state
Et qui illam regit.                      And those who rule it.
Vivat nostra civitas,                Long live our city,
Maecenatum caritas                And the charity of benefactors
Quae nos hic protegit.             Which protects us here.


Vivant omnes virgines,          Long live all young women,
Faciles, formosae!                     Easy and beautiful!
Vivant et mulieres,                   Long live wives as well,
Tenerae, amabiles,                    Tender, loveable,
Bonae, laboriosae.                     Honest, hardworking.


Pereat tristitia,                        Perish sadness,
Pereant osores.                       Perish haters.
Pereat diabolus,                      Perish the devil,
Quivis antiburschius             Whoever is against the student fraternity,
Atque irrisores!                       As well those who mock us!


Quis confluxus hodie                 Who has gathered now
Academicorum?                          Of the university?
E longinquo convenerunt,       They gather from long distances,
Protinusque successerunt        Immediately joining
In commune forum.                    Our common forum.


Vivat nostra societas,               Long live our fellowship,
Vivant studiosi!                           Long live the studious!
Crescat una veritas,                   May truth and honesty thrive,
Floreat fraternitas,                     Flourish with our fraternity,
Patriae prosperitas.                    And our homeland be prosperous.


Alma Mater floreat,                    May our Alma Mater thrive,
Quae nos educavit;                     That which educated us;
Caros et commilitones,             Dear ones and comrades,
Dissitas in regiones                     Who we let scatter afar,
Sparsos, congregavit.                 Let us assemble.



  • June 26, 2005 - 1:03 pm | Permalink

    hehehe, baru tahu gue arti sebenarnya dari lagu itu.
    gue kirain artinya:

    “akhirnya kita lulus juga
    setelah bertahun2 menderita
    dari mulut macan ke mulut buaya
    dari mimpi ke realita”


  • June 28, 2005 - 10:05 am | Permalink

    enakan mana sekolah sama kerja, Chard?

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