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[people] Thierry Henry (Jan 09 2012)

The last I wrote about Henry was when he moved to Barcelona 2007. The writing is here. Today I write this blog entry, simply because I’ [...]

[quote] Arsene Wenger Motivational Handout

Save this article from my old blog. Arsene Wenger is a good believer in hard-work, hard-facts (statistics), team-work, and self-belief. This [...]

[people] Michael Phelps

Baru baca ini di komentar Detik.com : – The only reason why Poseidon got the trident is because he’s afraid of Michael Phelps. & [...]

[people] Gary Kasparov

Wrote this because I read in today’s newspaper that Kasparov’s arrested for his political activity in Russia. Perhaps Wikipedia [...]

[people] Thierry Henry

At last, Thierry Henry, the talisman of Arsenal moves to Barcelona the next season. In the most tough competition in the world (English Prem [...]

[mov] Bobby Jones – Stroke of Genius (2004)

Genre : drama, sport Rating : 5/5 Verdict : Must see, heart-warming, a legend! IMDB link click here The movie is about Bobby Jones, a golfer [...]

[people] Ferenc Puskas

In 1950s, there was a great soccer team : Magical Magyars or Hungary. They were unbeaten for 32 international games (this record still stand [...]

[people] Vince Lombardi

Vince Lombardi is probably the greatest American Football coach : 5 NFL titles (3 consecutive), 2 Superbowl title, Highest Post Season winni [...]

[mov-quote] The Greatest Game Ever Played (2005)

Let me tell you something. I came here to win a trophy. And on the face of it Ted Ray or I should carry it off. Not for you, not for England [...]

[mov-quote] Cinderella Man (2005)

I have to believe… that when things are bad… I can change them  (thanks to Jim Braddock at Cinderella Man movie) [...]
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