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Now, let’s talk about Korean Food! Perjalanan ke Korea membuat kami belajar tentang makanan Korea. Dan jadi lebih suka lagi & appreciate makanan Korea ini setelah menghabiskan 70 seri-nya film Jewel in The Palace.

Dari banyak sekali jenis makanan korea, yang paling kami suka adalah jenis yang ini: (dikutip dari Life in Korea articles)

Bulgogi (Barbecued Beef)
Bulgogi is one of Korea’s most famous grilled dishes. It is made from sirloin or another prime cut of beef (such as top round), cut into thin strips. For an outside barbecue, the meat is marinated for at least four hours to enhance the flavor and to tenderize it in a mixture of sesame oil, soy sauce, black pepper, garlic, sugar, onions, ginger, and wine. The marinated beef is cooked on a metal dish over the burner. Whole cloves of garlic, sliced onions, and chopped green peppers are often grilled at the same time.

To eat, select a piece of cooked beef, and wrap it in lettuce with rice, kimchi, shredded vegetables, or a number of other garnishes on the table. You can also add doenjang (bean paste) for flavor. Dwaeji pulgogi is a pork version of this dish.

Samgyeopsal-gui (Grilled Side of Pork)
A side cut of pork is rolled and refrigerated. When ready to be cooked, it is sliced and broiled on an oiled grill. Sesame oil and salt are mixed for a sauce. It is often eaten with lettuce similar to bulgogi.

Samgye-tang (Chicken Ginseng Soup)
The body cavity of a small chicken is stuffed with glutinous rice, young ginseng shoots, and jujubes. The chicken is then boiled in a clear stock and served in an individual earthenware pot. It is highly recommended for those new to Korean food.

This dish is famous as summer dish. Koreans try to survive the summer heat with hot stamina food. This wonderful dish is gradually being recognized by the rest of the world. Even if you are skeptical about the properties attributed to ginseng, you will enjoy this dish which is said to give stamina during the steamy Korean summers.

To eat, taste the soup first. If it tastes too plain, you can add salt. When you eat chicken meat, use salt and pepper on the table for seasoning.

Bibimbap (Mixed Vegetables on Rice)
A simple but popular dish, bibimbap is a bowl of hot rice served in a bowl topped with a variety of vegetables (cooked and raw) arranged on top. Vegetables can be seasonal, with toraji, bell flower roots, gosari, bracken, bean sprouts, and spinach often served. Other ingredients can include chestnuts, jujubes, ginseng, and a small amount of seafood or meat. An egg may be also served on the top. Most restaurants prepare the dish with a big scoop of gochujang and red pepper paste placed with the vegetables. (Ask for it to be placed on the side if you do not like the taste much.)

This dish comes in two ways: a large bowl with rice on the bottom and the other ingredients placed on top, or just the ingredients in the bowl and a separate bowl of rice. Mix all the ingredients together then use your spoon to eat. A bowl of light soup is also served.

Dolsot Bibimbap (Sizzling Vegetables on Rice)
Similar to Bibimbap, Dolsot Bibimbap‘s ingredients include rice and various vegetables (sometimes with meat). While regular Bibimbap is usually served in a cool bowl, Dolsot Bibimbap comes in a hot crock. Also, it usually includes more ingredients.

To eat, mix the ingredients together then eat with a spoon. After eating, poor some hot water into the crock to soften the rice that sticks to the side. Scrape off this rice (called nudungji) and eat it as well.

Naengmyeon (Cold Noodles in Soup)
This noodle dish is perfect for the hottest days of summer. Naengmyeon is easy to digest and cooling to eat. Dough made from buckwheat and potato flour is cut into slender noodles and boiled while very fresh. The strained noodles are added to a chilled broth made of chicken stock or water from dong chimi (winter white water kimchi). It is garnished with sliced beef or pork, a boiled half egg, slices of Asian pear, sliced sour kimchi, and sliced cucumber. Sometimes sauce can be added, which is made of pepper paste, pepper powder, soy sauce, chopped onions, garlic, and vinegar.

Versions’ include mulnaengmyeon (also called P’yeongyangshik naengmyeon which is the style from Pyongyang. Its broth is closer to water), pibim naengmyeon (The noodles are served with a hot sauce of red pepper paste, sesame oil, and garlic), and hoe naengmyeon (Buckwheat noodles are covered with sliced raw fish with hot vinegar and pepper sauce).

To eat, add Asian mustard according to taste.


Lengkap tentang Korean Food, dapat diakses juga disini atau juga dari Wikipedia.

Satu hal yang sangat pasti, kalau bicara tentang Korean Food, pasti tidak lepas dari Kimchi (bahkan makan steak di international restaurant di seoul pun, saladnya Kimchi!) dan juga pedasnya goh-choo-jahng (red hot pepper paste)

Lebih seru lagi tentang Korean Food ini adalah banchan –nya. Jadi, kalau makan makanan korea di resto, biasanya kita dapat side dishes yag disebut banchan ini. Biasanya isinya gorengan, soup kerang hijau, kimchi, telur goreng, egg stew (?), dll. Semakin mahal resto-nya semakin banyak bahn-chan yang akan disajikan. Bahkan ada yang menyediakan bahn-chan berupa ikan goreng! Kalau kita suka dengan salah satu jenis ban-chan ini, kita boleh minta tambah lho.

Waktu pertama kali makan Korean Food di Korea, terkagum2 dengan sumpit yang dari besi. Soalnya kan biasanya kita pakai sumpi dari bambu/kayu; bukan dari besi. Ternyata setelah makan di beberapa tempat, baru sadar deh kalau emang makan makanan Korea Food ini alat yang dipakai adalah sumpit dari besi (jeotgarak) dan untuk kuahnya menggunakan sendok panjang (sutgarak)

Ma-ni dŭ-se-yo!


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  1. banchan is good =) salahsatu resto korean + sushi di panglima polim punya koleksi banchan yang lumayan beragam, seru makannya.

    so, udah ada rekomendasi thai resto yang patut dicoba di sekitar jakarta?

  2. Suan Thai yang di gedung Panin, Jl. Sudirman – OK.
    Terus katanya sih, Baby Buddha di Mid Plaza 2, Jl. Sudirman OK banget, problemnya engga seberapa suka Thai Food nih — jadi belum terinspirasi buat coba disini 🙂

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