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[list] Best Movie 2018 (non Oscar Material!)

Watched a quite bunch of movies in 2018. Here are some memorable ones that I totally recommend to you. In random order. Warning, I am not mo [...]

[resto] Tempat Makan Pagi Favorit di Pasar Delapan Alam Sutera

Review ini berdasarkan visit utk makan pagi (makan malam, resto yang buka berbeda total), yang dilakukan hampir tiap Sabtu dan Minggu ke Pas [...]

[list] Best IPAD Apps for Children under 18mo

Finding the right ipad apps for children under 18 mo is not easy. Two main reasons : (a) they cannot use ipad well yet, (b) they will lose f [...]

[list] 10 Interesting Movie Characters

Some fascinating characters :   1. Homer Simpsons (“The Simpsons”) He might be the ‘missing link’ between ape a [...]

[list] 10 Con Movies

A confidence game (con, scam) is an attempt to intentionally mislead persons (“mark”) usually with financial gain or other gain [...]

[list] 10 Movies with Surprise Ending

Ending di sini bukan selalu bertema who-dun-it (siapa pelakunya). Bukan pula film con/heist yang biasanya juga memberikan kejutan di akhir f [...]

[list] Top 10 iPad Apps (non game) You Should Have from the Start

It might represent my profile that has mixed use of iPad : business and personal. And I will not include social media or well-known website [...]

[music] 10 Doo Wop Songs

Doo wop from Wiki : click here. This is an old music genre that I really like to hear recently. I was attracted to this genre mainly because [...]

[list] 10 Funniest and Yet Inspiring Teen Movies

Despite this silly genre will never win an Oscar, but this genre is watched by teenagers and has the chance to inspire them. I choose these [...]

[list] 10 Best Movie Quotes from 100 AFI Movie Quotes (can you guess the movies?)

100 Movie Quotes is a list of the top 100 movie quotations in American cinema by AFI (American Film Institute). Here are my 10 favourites (s [...]

[list] 5 Kids Who Will Be Big Hollywood Stars

It’s all beginning with watching Batman Begins. The actor – Christian Bale. Pernah main jadi anak di Empire of the Sun. Lantas t [...]

[list] 5 Romance Movies that Push Too Much Luck

I don’t say these movies suck. Some of them are my favourites. But must admit that the luck ingredient is too much. 1. SERENDIPITY (20 [...]

[list] 25 Remarkable Animation Characters

AnimationĀ is the rapid display of a sequence of images of 2-D artwork or model positions in order to create an illusion of movement. It is [...]

[list] The Most Confusing Movies

Some movies are very confusing. Sometime, it is confusing because of the plot/story, like “Matrix”, “Usual Suspects” [...]

[list] Top 10 Funny Actors

Call them slapstick and cannot act, but laugh is a very expensive thing. And IMHO, comedian is very challenging occupation. JIM CARREY… [...]
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