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[mov] Chaos Theory (2008)

Genre : drama
Rating : 4/5
Verdict : not bad..
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“Most important thing about love is we choose to give it and we choose to receive it; which makes it the least random act in the entire universe”.
[Thanks to Chaos Theory movie]

Ceritanya mengenai Frank Allen, yang selalu well-organized, well-ordered dan selalu melakukan segala kegiatannya dengan mengandalkan timetables dan index cards. Bahkan dengan ‘to do list’-nya ini, Frank menjadi penulis dan pembicara untuk bukunya: The Five Minute Efficiency Trainer.

Chaos Theory (2008)

Chaos Theory (2008)

Sampai suatu hari, istrinya Susan memundurkan jamnya 10 menit lebih lambat. Kejadian demi kejadian, karena keterlambatan 10 menit sehingga sudah tidak lagi sesuai dengan jadwal yang dibuat sendiri, menjadikan banyak kejadian yg unpredictable.
Interesting! Eventually, hidup memang tidak hanya untuk melakukan ‘to-do-list’ dan nothing is ever perfect. Selalu siap dengan whim, chance, and chaos.

Quotes to Remember:
Frank Allen: The relationship between time and you is always one of master and slave. List making – it is your anchor, your harbor in the storm of life. Start each morning with your wish for the day, and then move right on in into your daily goal list. Remember to keep them in behavorial terms and be specific. Why? Because a specific list is a happy list. And don’t forget it’s chaos out there. We conquer that by taking control, setting priorities. Life cannot be based on whim. Those who fail to control whim are destined to be controlled by it

Frank Allen: Do you have any idea how embarrassing it is to show up late to a lecture on the efficiency use of time?

Frank Allen: I’ve decided never to decide another thing again.

Frank Allen: Say yes to whim! Say yes to chance! Say yes to chaos!


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