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[mov-quote] 2:22 (2017)

My Dad told me  that people have always looked at the patterns of the stars to predict what was going to happen in their lives, and if [...]

[mov-quote] Nights in Rodhante (2008)

When Jack left me, it wasn’t just our marriage ending. It was the loss of all the hopes that I’d had for the future. I tried to [...]

[mov] Twilight (2008) – The Strangers (2008)

Genre : romance (Twilight), thriller (The Strangers) Rating : 2.5/5 Been very busy lately… even for watching movies. But on the last t [...]

[mov] Ghost Town (2008)

Genre : romantic comedy Rating : 4/5 Verdict : this is maybe the only chance you watch Ricky Gervais in romantic comedy IMDB link click here [...]

[mov] Wall-E (2008)

Genre : animation, romance Rating : 4/5 Verdict : throughout the 2008, this is the most romantic story I watched. IMDB link click here Altho [...]

[mov] Definitely Maybe (2008)

Genre : romance Rating : 4/5 Verdict : Is Ryan Reynolds the next rom-com specialist? IMDB link click here When her parents were going to div [...]

[mov] Penelope (2006)

Genre : romantic comedy Rating : 4/5 Verdict : cleverly turn typical formula into a enjoyable tale IMDB link click here First of all, I like [...]

[mov] Chaos Theory (2008)

Genre : drama Rating : 4/5 Verdict : not bad.. IMDB link click here “Most important thing about love is we choose to give it and we choose [...]

[list] 5 Romance Movies that Push Too Much Luck

I don’t say these movies suck. Some of them are my favourites. But must admit that the luck ingredient is too much. 1. SERENDIPITY (20 [...]

[mov-quote] PS. I Love You (2007)

Genre : romance Rating : 4/5 Verdict : Have a box of tissues ready! IMDB rating click here Cerita mengenai seorang istri (Holly) yang kehila [...]

[mov] Little Manhattan (2008)

Genre : romance Rating : 4/5 Verdict : delightful movie to reminisce your ‘first love’ IMDB link click here Quote click here One [...]

[mov] Across the Universe (2007)

Genre : romance, musical Rating : 5/5 Verdict : a MUST for Beatles fan! IMDB link click here The movie may not be like Moulin Rouge or Chica [...]

[mov] Stardust (2007)

G enre : romance, adventure, fantasy Rating : 4/5 Verdict : probably the most fresh Hollywood flick I watched this year IMDB link click here [...]

[mov-quote] My Big Fat Greek Wedding (2002)

Toula Portokalos: Ma, Dad is so stubborn. What he says goes. “Ah, the man is the head of the house!” Maria Portokalos: Let me te [...]

[mov-quote] Little Manhattan (2008)

  Little Manhattan is about an 11-year-old boy falling in love for the first time – with all the awkward clumsiness of inexperien [...]
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