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[electronic] Best Below $60 Bluetooth Earphones for Running? Taotronics!

First of all, I am not expert in audio, so this is not expert review. I am just a regular runner who need to equip myself with Bluetooth Ear [...]

[mov] The Beatles – Eight Days A Week – Touring Years (2016)

I have written three articles about Beatles. Two for their previous documentary, Anthology (here and here). The last one was in 2014, 50 ye [...]

[quote] August Rush (2007)

August Rush: I believe in music the way some people believe in fairy tales. But I hear it came from my mother and father. Once upon a time, [...]

[mov] Across the Universe (2007)

Genre : romance, musical Rating : 5/5 Verdict : a MUST for Beatles fan! IMDB link click here The movie may not be like Moulin Rouge or Chica [...]

[mov] Music & Lyrics (2007)

Genre : Romantic Comedy Rating : 5/5 Verdict : Drew and Hugh delivers IMDB link click here Hugh Grant plays Alex Fletcher, the second man fr [...]

[mov] Tenacious D – The Pick of Destiny (2006)

Genre : Comedy, Musical, Rock Rating : 4/5 Verdict : It rocks! But not for rock-hater.. sorry IMDB link click here I have already noticed th [...]

[mov] Swing Time (1936)

Genre : Romance, musical Rating : 5/5 Verdict : You must at least once watch Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers IMDB link click here Previously [...]

[mov] The Chorus (2004)

Genre : drama Rating : 5/5 Verdict : must see IMDB link click here A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops. [...]

[mov-quote] Almost Famous (2000)

Lester Bangs: My advice to you. I know you think those guys are your friends. You wanna be a true friend to them? Be honest, and unmerciful. [...]

[mov] Bring It On (2000)

If you want to know about cheerleading, this is one movie you can appreciate! Jadi cheerleader engga cuman hura-hura lho, tapi ada kompetisi [...]

[mov] De-Lovely (2004)

Genre : drama, musical Rating : 3/5 IMDB link click here Abis nonton film De-Lovely. Komentarnya satu..wah isinya lagu semua yak…! (se [...]
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