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[mov] Music & Lyrics (2007)

Music & Lyrics (2007)

Genre : Romantic Comedy
Rating : 5/5
Verdict : Drew and Hugh delivers
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Hugh Grant plays Alex Fletcher, the second man from famous band from the ’80.

After spending some years singing for the same audience (women that used to be his fans in the 80’s), he gets big chance to form a duet with current pop diva Cora Corman (Haley Bennet, I think she will be big star someday).

The only little problem is he has to come out with a brand new song within 3 days.
So when Alex needs a help with the lyrics, he meets a girl (Sophie Fisher, played by Drew Barrymore) who comes to water his plant, who is eventually a natural-born lyricist, but with a complicated history.

I think this movie is more to comedy rather than to romance.
As always as in his previous movies like Two Weeks Notice, About A Boy, Love Actually, Hugh Grant plays a little bit sarcastic man with witty remark in his conversation.

I couldn’t agree more to the movie about the power of lyrics.
There’s a very good scene in this movie stating that hearing new song is like meeting people.
Melody is like the physical attraction (infatuation), but lyrics is the beauty underneath.
So when you meet song with the right combination between melody and lyrics, and plus a good context, you know you will love the song forever.

The movie also makes me smile about its portrait of current pop diva image (Britney-like), and the effort to ruin a good song by trying to remix it in hip-hop way (typical hits nowadays).

So my verdict : the movie is totally heartwarming, witty-funny, and give you chance to appreciate songs by putting aside strong beat, rap mumbling, and electric instruments, just listen to their basic ingredients : music (melody) and lyrics.

Here’s a lyrics from the most powerful song in this movie, showing us how song can really have a meaning (must watch the movie to really get the meaning) :


It’s never been easy for me,
to find the words to go along with the melody.
But this time there’s actually something on my mind.
So please forgive these few brave awkward lines

Since I met you my whole life has changed
It’s not just my furniture you’ve rearranged
I was living in the past but somehow you’ve brought me back
and I haven’t felt like this since before Frankie said “Relax”

And Now I know based on my record
I might not seem like the safest bet
All I’m asking you is don’t write me off just yet

For years I’ve been telling myself the same old story
that I’m happy to live off my so-called former glories
But you’ve given me a reason to take another chance
now I need you despite the fact that you’ve killed all my plants

And now I know
I’ve already blown more chances than anyone should ever get
All I’m asking you is don’t write me off just yet
Don’t write me off just yet

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