[mov] Doomsday (2008)

Doomsday (2008)

Genre : action, gore
Rating : 3/5
Verdict : Good entertainment, and if you like gory scene, it’s even better.
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The plot is not original. The movie started with a virus outbreak in Glasgow resulting in total lock down of Scotland. No one could get in or out.

Fast forward to thirty years later, there was another outbreak in London.
A team was assembled to enter the quarantine zone and to seek the cure.
But what they found inside was truly a shocking.

Rhona Mitra is awesome as female warrior. Bob Hoskins, like always, plays brilliantly.
Let me remind you, this movie is not for anyone with weak stomach since you will watch heads roll, flesh crunched, blood spilled, and other ugly scenes.

But it’s totally entertaining from the start ’til the end.

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