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[mov] Superman Returns (2006)

Superman Returns (2006)

Genre : Action Superhero
Rating : 3/5
Verdict : Better than its predecessors, but still without wow factor
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Actually I never like Superman as super-hero, or as a story.

His costume, his weird double life as Clark Kent, his background, his enemies…
I watched all the previous movies, and I think they’re so-so.

But this version is quite different. Quite entertaining (good action scenes).
Like Spiderman and Batman Begins movies, this movie also show human side of Superman, not a plain action movies.

And although Superman still wear the same blue-and-red-costume and do the same flying move, the film is actually stylist.
I think Brandon Routh is the best actor to play Superman so far.
He makes Superman more natural as ‘lonely Kryptonian’ in this world. Colder and more introvert than Dean Cain, Christopher Reeves, and Tom Welling.

My credit also goes to Bryan Singer for the action scenes, and to Kevin Spacey performance (too bad, I never like Lex Luthor as villain).

Overall it’s just enjoyable.
Compared to Smallville, it has better action scenes. But Smallville is better in term of villain, and I like Kreuk (as Lana) better than Bosworth (as Lois).

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