[mov] Il Mare {Suworae} (2000)

Suworae (2000)

Genre : Romance
Rating : 5/5
Verdict : Watch this first, and then watch the Hollywood remake!
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As I mentioned in my previous Lake House movie review (Hollywood remake of this movie), I finally got the chance to watch the original Korean movie.

Honestly, I like the Hollywood version better, mainly because of the story is more romantic and the feelings are let out in the air.

While in this movie, the atmosphere is sad. And typical Asian movie, not much feelings are expressed. You must really feel it. There’re lots of silent scenes where we must try to feel what they feel.

The main strength of the film is about the story idea about love between two people from different time. In this original movie, you will be surprised where this bizarre tapestry of events are leading to. While in the Hollywood’s version, you will get the hint about what this movie is about, from the start.

In Hollywood’s remake, in the most important scene that perhaps explains everything (the accident), you will only comment : “Ooh so this is it.” But in this movie, you will be moved by the scene. It’s so touching and contain a lot of feelings.

It’s really a mistake to watch the Hollywood’s version first. So watch this first. You will get some questions, and then to find the answer, watch the Hollywood’s remake.

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