[life] Waiting on a miracle..

You are waiting on a miracle. Why is it a miracle? Because you want to sit there doing nothing until suddenly something from outside strikes you and fills you with energy, motivation, ambition, and desire and makes you want to go do it without you doing anything but sitting there. What do we call this strategy? We call it waiting for a miracle. It is not the best plan for life. You don’t wait for a miracle. You must make the miracle.

You can make the miracle once you know what comes first in life, Motivation or action? Most people say motivation but the good news is that the answer is action. If you are motivated well and good, but what if you are not motivated? Now, you are back to waiting on a miracle. The secret is to act first and allow the motivation will follow.

(thank to Lesson 4 Living)

One thought on “[life] Waiting on a miracle..

  1. There is a great song about miracle.. here is a part of the lyric:

    DIA mengerti, DIA perduli persoalan yang sedang terjadi
    Namun satu hal yang DIA minta
    agar kita percaya
    sampai Mukjizat menjadi nyata

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