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Korea. An interesting country, especially since in the last few years we are so familiar with brands : LG, Samsung, KIA, Hyundai.

Spending 1 week there was truly an amazing experience.
It’s just so different. The food, the culture, and of course the language (do you know, that although they use figures, but each figure represents alphabet, not words like chinese).

Here are some interesting facts :

Different taste. Some menus are similar with Japanese, but actually, Korea has its very own style. Kimchi is on all their food, even when you have a steak in Western style restaurant.
Need several days to adapt to the taste, but we’re lucky to have people introduced us to the best local food (not restaurant for tourists). So we tried the best Bimbimbap and the best Chicken Ginseng.

They also serve Banchan, free-flow starters (tofu, salted fish, seaweed, etc).

Don’t know why, but gaming is a huge industry there.
There’s a TV dedicated for game. It broadcasts live battle-net, with interviews, statistics.

So many interesting places. And since we travelled with a good translator, so many folk stories behind the places. Based on the story, Korea has a tough history. So their working spirit and national pride are incredible.

Totally a good place to visit… but bring a Korean who can speak for you. Someone who knows places to visit and restaurant to eat (and order for you… don’t rely on picture.. that’s how I was introduced to ice-soup-noodle… luckily I like it).

PS : All images were taken during the trip. Click the picture to see detail view, and click on it again to close the detail view.

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