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[game] Starcraft

Starcraft is a real time strategy game, the best game to be played online (multiplayer).

The game rule is simple. You need to mine two resources (gas & mineral) and use that resources to construct combat units and buildings. And then, use the combat units to defeat the enemy.


It has 3 races to be played : Terran (human), Zerg (imagine the insects from Starship Troopers), and Protoss (humanoid).

Each race has unique ability and characteristic, but they’re very balanced in term of strenghts and weaknesses.
For instance, to build a building, Terran must assign dedicated worker during the construction. Zerg must ‘sacrifice’ worker (convert the worker into building). Protos worker can just ‘warp’ the building (but the bulding takes longer time to built).

This is one of the best game I ever played in my entire life. Still playing it til now.
It combines the speed of your hand and the sharpness of your brain.

And so many management principals can be applied in this game, especially if you play against human.

Wanna learn about logistics? To win, you must know exactly how many troops you need and how to move them to the enemy line. You must know when you think you have a sufficient troops to attack. You must decide which route to go. When facing the enemy, you have to calculate whether you should engage in the battle, or retreat to avoid being slaughtered.

Wanna learn about strategy? You have limited resources. You cannot build everything. You must set initial strategy. You can win by a blitzkrieg (strike as soon as possible) strategy. You can win by exploiting air superiority or invisibility skills.

And as the game’s played, you might need to adapt to your opponent’s strategy.

And when you play multiplayer game, you can learn a lot about teamwork, communication, and shared strategy (like in a company, there is a segregation of functions).

This game is also special because I had so many good moments playing this game with my best friends (and happened to be my working colleagues). So many battles, so many post-battle talk. We even created a tournament on Company’s anniversary (I won hehehehe… a proof that the right strategy and good management can overcome slow-hand and not-so-sharp brain hahaha).

Well, if I start a Business School, this game will definitely be a mandatory subject. If you and your friends have a lot of time, try to play this game.

Some facts:

  • Developed by Blizzard Entertainment. Blizzard has two other big hits : Diablo and Warcraft
  • Nine million copies of Starcraft has been sold.
  • South Korea has a very huge fan base. There, professional players and teams participate in matches, earn sponsorships, and compete in televised matches.



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