[mov] The Chaser (Chugyeogja) (2008)

Genre : thriller
Rating : 3/5
Verdict : Don’t put high expectation or even, wait for Hollywood remake.
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I watched this movie with very high expectation because :
1. Becoming box office (for two weeks in Korea)
2. Get 7.9 from IMDB after more than 1,000 reviews
3. Very positive comments (gripping, intense, etc).

But I think it’s overrated.

Chaser (2008)

For me, intense and gripping movies are like The Negotiators or The Infernal Affairs.
This movie is very far compared to those kind of movies.
This movie is more like psychological thriller that must be felt by your emotion and analytical sense, rather than your sense of entertainment.

Well, it’s not that bad.
The overall plot is promising.

The story is about an ex police who became a pimp.
He noticed that some of the girls were missing, and started to trace them.
He involved the police, but the police were also in the middle of a sensational case.

Some factors that might cut my ratings:

1. Korean movie (IMO) is very subtle in showing emotion (just compare Lake House vs Il Mare). So you must have quite some imagination to portray the main two characters (ex cop and the killer).

2. I don’t understand how law enforcement in Korea so I might not feel some intended suspense.

3. Some important conflict are (again) displayed in a very subtle way, like how the chief of police must consider to pursue or let go the case because of what public opinion will say.

I can imagine that this will be a very great movie if :
1. Directed by Kevin Nolan
2. Kevin Spacey or Don Cheadle as the ex-cop.
3. Edward Norton or John Torturro as the killer.
4. Exploit more details (law, conflict) to create thrilling experience.

So… my verdict:
Alternative 1 : Watch this without high expectation and without read any positive comments (and treat this as psychological suspense genre) and I think you will give 3-4 stars.
Alternative 2 : Wait for the Hollywood’s version.

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