[mov-quote] Chunhyang (2000)


Like the sun and the moon,
my love will never change

Thanks to Mongyong Lee at Chunhyang movie, anarrated in the Korean tradition of Pansori

Pansori is usually performed by two people, with one person playing the puk, or drum, while the other ‘sings’ a lengthy narrative to the beat. In addition to providing a rhythmic foundation for the performance, the drummer (gosu) also provides emotional emphasis for key parts of the ‘song’ by varying the tempo or providing shouts of encouragement, or chuimsae, to the singer.

The singer (myeongchang), who usually sports a handkerchief and fan, recites the story, which can go on for hours, with a combination of sori (singing), aniri (recitation), and pallim (gestures).

Though there used to be twelve pansori, only five of them are still performed today, including Jeokbyeokga, Heungboga, Sugungga, Simcheongga, and Chunhyangga.

Courtesy from Anthony Leong’s movie review

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