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[list] 10 Memorable “SONG PERFORMANCE SCENE” in Movies

This article is not about scores or songs from musical films (West Side Story, Grease, Annie, Moulin Rouge).

It is a scene from movie where the song is sung.
I pick those who are very memorable for me.

1. Somebody Kill Me (Wedding Singer)
Adam Sandler sang this his own song. Half of the song was written when he’s so in love with her girlfriend, while the other half was written after they broke up.

2. I Say a Little Prayer (My Best Friend’s Wedding)
When Julia Robert lied and told everyone that Rupert Everett was her fiancee, she was asked how they met. To her suprise, Rupert directly answer by telling story about Dionne Warwick, and ended his talk by starting to sing .. “The moment I wake up…”

3. Moon River (Breakfast at Tiffany’s)
A very good performance by Audrey Hepburn. We can feel her lonely and longing feeling. This song was composed within one octaf so that it could be sung by Audrey.

4. Hakuna Matata (The Lion King)
Teemon and Pumba sang it well. Very memorable.

5. Back in the USSR (Heartbreakers)
Signourney Weaver was asked to sing at Russian restaurant. The problem was that she was pretending to become a Russian. In the middle of her nervous thinking.. hooplaa.. she sang this Beatles song.

6. I Will Survive (The Replacement)
When asked by his team-mates where he was during the fight, Orlando Jones asked : “First I was afraid… I was petrified.” then… the jail was becoming a dance floor.

7. Morning Train (Eurotrip)
When Scotty (Scott Mechlowicsz) and his friend wrongly entered a hooligan bar. He lied by saying he was a big fan of Manchester United. Then, he was asked to sing MU songs. So he really just made up the song.

8. Satisfaction (Life, or Something Like It)
As an ambitious reporter, Angelina Jolie was totally drunk when interviewing strike-labors. So the strike became a Rolling Stone concert.

9. Let’s Get It On (High Fidelity)
We know Jack Black roks in “School of Rock”, but in High Fidelity, he sweetly sang this romantic song.

10. Can’t Take My Eyes of You (Conspiracy Theory)
This song was sung in several films. Heath Ledger in “10 Things I Hate About You” is memorable. But this film has a memorable history for me. Mel Gibson was spying Julia Roberts and tried to find out what song she sings.

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