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[list] Top 5 “Inspiring Sport Movies”

One of my favourite movie genres is sport, mainly because sport movies can lift your spirit up.
They show you that sometime underdogs can win.
They show you that motivation and determination can close your gap in in talent and skill.
And sometime, it’s not only about sport.

5 inspiring movies

Here are 5 movies based on true stories, that I have watched over and over again because I always get a warm feeling after watching these movies.

Story about James Braddock, the oldest heavyweight boxing champion ever.
Because of his hand injury, he was out from boxing world, and experienced a very difficult life.
The climax : His fight against Max Baer, the butcher.
Beyond the sport : When he tried to come back, he represented people hope, in the middle of 1929 economy crisis.

Francis Ouimet, an amateur golfer, played against all odds at US Open 1913.
The climax : His playoff with Harry Vardon, the greatest golfer at that time.
Beyond the sport : He’s the hope of American to prevent ‘British invasion’ at the most US prestigious tournament.

In 1966, Don Haskins lead his basketball team from Texas Western to win NCAA national championship.
The climax : The final against the most favourite team Kentucky Wildcats.
Beyond the sport : In discrimination era, he played the first all-black starting line-up in the NCAA final.

In 1980 winter olympic, US sent their university hockey team. Herb Brooks, the coach, took these young hockey players to a level no one thought possible, beating the seemingly invincible USSR team.
The climax : The final against USSR team who’s unbeaten for years. The announcer’s comment at the very last seconds was the original comment.
Beyond the sport : Well, what else? Cold war.

In 1971, Boone, a black coach was appointed as headcoach who formed a racially integrated team.
The climax : The final.
Beyond the sport : Racialism.

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