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[list] Top 10 Movies with BEST SONGS in Them

Some movies have a great collection of songs as their soundtrack. Here are my selections : MY BEST FRIEND WEDDING (1997) Romantic selection& [...]

[list] Top 5 “Inspiring Sport Movies”

One of my favourite movie genres is sport, mainly because sport movies can lift your spirit up. They show you that sometime underdogs can wi [...]

[playlist] My Top 10 Christmas Songs (What’s Yours?)

Christmas is coming…. and we will often listen to Christmas songs. Among those songs, here are my ten all-time favourite Christmas son [...]

[list] 5 Most Amazing Comebacks in Soccer

Kalau mencari di internet, akan banyak ketemu greatest game dimana udah ketinggalan, tapi bisa mengejar. Tapi kalau pas lihat siaran langsun [...]

[list] 10 Best Romantic Comedies

What makes good romantic comedies? Well, usually there’re always be oh-so-adorable stars like (all-time-fav) Meg Ryan. But they must b [...]

[list] Top 10 Musics “BEATLES LOVE Songs”

We always like love songs. Here’s the best from Beatles. If you don’t know the song, find it in YouTube. 1. Something Many Beatl [...]

[list] 10 Memorable “SONG PERFORMANCE SCENE” in Movies

This article is not about scores or songs from musical films (West Side Story, Grease, Annie, Moulin Rouge). It is a scene from movie where [...]
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