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[game] Space Harrier

This game is so memorable for me.

Space Harrier

It was among the first games that enabled players to sit in console.
There was time when I played this game (at the mall nearby) almost every time I had time. This was one of console games that I was able to finish all the stages.

The game play is first person-moving forward (linear).
You have to dodge what your enemies throw at you (mostly fireball and capsules), and at the same time you must shoot the enemies (using one joystick).

The tip to survive the game is simple. Just try to make continuous circling moves (clockwise or counter clockwise… pick one), since enemies always shoot you based on your last position. So if you make circle, you will have some time before going back to the same position.

But this simple tip is very difficult to apply since beside enemies, you also have columns, rocks, trees to dodge.

The stage (click here for detail):
1. MOOTH (trees & planes)
2. GEEZA (trees, rocks)
3. AMAR (mushrooms)
4. CIECEIL (diamonds)
6. OLISIS (undestructible columns, planes)
7. LUCASIA (mamoth, robots)
8. IDA (columns, robots, fire)
9. REVI (diamonds)
10. MINIA (mushrooms)
11. PARMS (robots)
13. DRAIL (mushrooms, planes)
14. ASUTE (diamonds… the most difficult stage, require good reflect)
15. VICEL (columns & fire)
16. NATURA (robots)
17. NARK (a little bit of everything)
18. ABSYMBEL (dragons)

Oooh.. and there’s a memorable greeting when you start this game : “”Welcome to the Fantasy Zone!; get ready!”

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