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[app] Tiny Hands Sorting 2 – ipad apps for 2yrs old+

Before this I wrote a post about “List of Best IPAD Apps for Children under 18mo” (click here).

But apparently, there is one apps that (currently) tops all other apps mentioned in the list.

The developer is TinyHands, and the first game I download and directly purchased was : TinyHands Sorting 2.

Why I like it?

1. It’s designed for toddler. There was no ads, no clickable button that will jump to other page. Even special page for parents must be clicked and hold 3 seconds to open. Your children definitely will not get lost to iTunes Store or to other submenu.

2. The gameplay is simple and make children learn. There are items to be placed in certain category. This help toddler to learn about shape, color, and some basic concept (big-small, water-air, bathroom-kitchen).

This is important, as association concept is an important component of intelligence.

Sample screenshot :

easy to play

easy to play

Now I will try to download other apps from this developer. But definitely, Rp 29k is totally justified for this apps.And I really wonder why it’s so hard to find appropriate apps for toddler. May be it’s advised not to let them play this kind of gadget, but IMO, it is inevitable that they will notice this gadget, so it’s better give them appropriate apps, and control the usage.





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