[mov] Dead Silence (2007)

Genre : Horror
Rating : 4/5
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Recently, many Hollywood horror movie hits were either adapted from Asian version

Dead Silence (2007)

(Ringu, Ju On) or full of gory scenes (Hostel, The Hills Have Eyes).

When I watched this movie, I really thought this is a very good horror movie.
A fresh one.
It is good to know that there’s still stylish horror movie like this.
It is written and directed by James Wan (who brought us Saw).

Unlike Asian style that makes you jump from the chair just because the sudden appearance of something (really hate it). This movie is not like that, it is creepy in its way.

It is cleverly built on an urban legend (remember Candyman or Freddy Krueger) involving puppets and ventriloquism. Sometime, the scary part is quite subtle, playing tricks in your imagination rather than spilling blood.

The story is quite simple. It is about a man who tracks down an old case because he lost someone he loves.
The old case happened in his childhood town, involving a female ventriloquist and her dolls.
People are dead during his investigation, making a love-to-hate detective is following him closely.
Big surprise in the end leaves audience with a usual punch in the stomach.

Verdict : if you want to know the meaning of this poem, watch this movie!

Beware the stare of Mary Shaw
She had no children, only dolls
And if you see her in your dreams
Be sure you never, ever scream

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