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[Quote] William H. McRaven – Change The World

    If you want to change the world, start off by making your bed. If you make your bed every morning, you will have accomplished [...]

[pray] 20 Sep 2017. Each New Day

  With each new day that dawns I am growing up, O Lord. It’s not too soon to start thinking of what I want to be. It’s very [...]

[life] 2013 |MMXIII

2013 nampaknya terlalu spesial untuk dilewatkan tanpa catatan. Fakta bahwa 2013 adalah tahun yang sebenarnya tidak exist menurut Maya kuno s [...]

[life] Goodbye TZT3No7!

Karena rumah Alsut renovasi, setahun terakhir menikmati hidup di sebuah cluster Sumarecon Serpong, tepatnya di cluster Topaz (PHG). Dan mala [...]

[life] Alam Sutera vs Sumarecon Serpong

Kami bertempat tinggal di Alam Sutera (cluster lama), namun sejak setahun terakhir ini sementara tinggal di Gading Serpong (Sumarecon – [...]

[life] Is Your Life at (Health) Risk?

Well, definition of health can vary, but nobody can deny that the biggest threat to our health is (ironically) the way we eat and the way we [...]

[life] Menurunkan Berat itu Matematis dan Sistematis

Setelah menurunkan berat sebanyak 11 kg dalam 42 hari (yay.. dan masih mau lebih lagi), saya memberanikan diri menulis ini. Kenapa memberani [...]

[quote] Arsene Wenger Motivational Handout

Save this article from my old blog. Arsene Wenger is a good believer in hard-work, hard-facts (statistics), team-work, and self-belief. This [...]

[warta 56] Kerja Keras

Tanggal terbit : 15 Agustus 2010 Sebuah cerita yang saya suka mengenai kerja keras adalah cerita tentang seorang hartawan yang ingin mendidi [...]

[quote] Lost Generation (Jonathan Reed)

A must see video, click here   by Jonathan Reed I am part of a lost generation And I refuse to believe I can change the world. I realiz [...]

[day] 20-08-2008

Unique date (better than 8-8-2008… hehehe). What happened? Training, stairs, meeting, complaint, donuts, bintaro. What did I learn? 1. [...]

[book] The Fifth Discipline

Rating : ★★★★★ Category : Business & Investing Author : Peter Senge There’re only less than 10 books that I consider the [...]

[day] July 2-3, 2008

Just realise that from 6pm yesterday until 6pm today, I encounters almost all possible kind of meetings (at least what I can think of). Star [...]

[quotes] Just Do Your Best!!

I don’t know the formula for success or happiness. But I think “doing your best” is definitely one of the ingredients. Not [...]

[life] Gardening Bayam

Tiga minggu yang lalu, di rumah menanam bayam, kangkung & terong. Tanaman2 ini ditanam dengan cara organic, murah & mudah. Tanahnya [...]
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