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[mov] The Beatles – Eight Days A Week – Touring Years (2016)

I have written three articles about Beatles. Two for their previous documentary, Anthology (here and here). The last one was in 2014, 50 ye [...]

[life] Beatles – 50 years – revisited

sugar plum fairy..here we go.. The post is written exactly 50 years after Beatles first came to US and claimed their fame and stardom throug [...]

[mov] The US vs John Lennon (2006)

Genre : history, documentary Rating : 5/5 Verdict : Truly a gem for John Lennon fans. Nice songs too. Beatles Anthology continued… IMD [...]

[song] Strawberry Fields Forever (by Beatles)

The song is written by the Beatles, and referred to actual location. Strawberry Fields is the name of a Salvation Army orphanage from Lennon [...]

[travelog] Great Britain 2008 {5} Beatles Pilgrimage

SERIES : Part 1 – Our Journey (this article) Part 2 – UK in My Eyes (admonike) Part 3 – Beatles Pilgrimage (e2rd_san) R [...]

[mov] Across the Universe (2007)

Genre : romance, musical Rating : 5/5 Verdict : a MUST for Beatles fan! IMDB link click here The movie may not be like Moulin Rouge or Chica [...]

[album] Beatles – LOVE

One thing great about Beatles is that their music is so innovative. They did experiment with lyrics, beat, melody, instruments, chords; and [...]

[documentary] Beatles Anthology (1995) – Part 2

Multiply only allows you to give five stars, so the only way to give TEN stars is to give 5 stars again to this same item : Beatles Antholog [...]

[documentary] The Beatles Anthology (1995)

FIVE STARS! At first, I thought I would like to write about this series after I finish watching all episodes. But, after two chapters, I can [...]

[mov] I Wanna Hold Your Hand (1978)

Genre : Comedy Rating : 5/5 Verdict : A must for Beatles fan IMDB link click here As a big fan of Beatles, I found this 1978 movie very spec [...]

[list] Top 10 Musics “BEATLES LOVE Songs”

We always like love songs. Here’s the best from Beatles. If you don’t know the song, find it in YouTube. 1. Something Many Beatl [...]

[mov] I am Sam (2001)

Genre: drama Rating: 5/5 Verdict:  Dua hal yang jelas bikin film ini menarik: alur cerita yang mengharu biru dan lagu-lagu Beatles! (favori [...]
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