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[reflection] Change… Change…

Last week, I read an article in SWA about CEO. Quite interesting because it said that ‘managing change’ is one of the most important task of CEO.

Change is inevitable

Change is inevitable

Personally I think it is so true.
Innovation, vision is not that hard. In organisation, there are a lot of smart people, brilliant thinker. But to do what you plan, sometime it requires change.
Even everyone knows that change is inevitable.
All organism will face extinction if they cannot cope with change in weather, environment, etc.
Business is also like that. It will collapse if it cannot cope with competition, new behaviour, new technology, new innovation.

So everybody should know that the only thing that does not change from the beginning of time is the fact that the world is changing.

But, one quote said that change is like death and taxes for people.
People always want to face death and tax as long as it is possible.
So does change. Well, change into something good is not a problem. But sometime change is forced, especially in business.

Business always faces higher cost. Well at least, people working in a company always want to have salary increase. While paradoxially, client always want cheaper price. At least you must be ready if your competitor is cheaper. You’ll die. Business must cope with this by finding way to make people more effective and more efficient.

And unfortunately, there is no winning formula. Otherwise, all people are living happily ever after. And based on my experience, that is only in movies (that’s why I like watching movie so much). So, no other way than you must change with try and error, and try again smarter (at least that’s what i’m doing for the last nine years). And everytime we need to try some new tricks, change is needed.

And change is a very difficult thing to do.
(seseorang pernah berkata : “kalau bisa piala ini dilewatkan dariku”, nah pengennya sih begitu).
Why? Because it will have effects, and sometime it create ‘victims’.

Look at hypermarket now. Twenty years ago, we all still shopped at wetmarket, neighbors.
But now, practically all small shops owner turn into hypermarket employee who stand beside racks offering us the products.

Should we pity the end of small shops? (see movie : “You;ve Got Mail”).
Don’t you have consciousness about people losing their jobs because of the existence of hypermarkets?

Well, it is cheaper. So it is for greater good then. We all be happy, and some are facing extinction. And hypermarket is a good change, isn’t it? Sometime it is sad, because change does not always lead to good things for everybody.

So, one thing I always advise people and myself if you really want to succeed in your work and climb that corporate ladder : change yourself everytime, raise your own bar.
You must do faster every year. If you manage, you must be able to handle more every year.
Otherwise someone will force it to you anyway because the only business that does not change is a dead business.

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