[sport] Parma … end of a journey

Yesterday AC Parma was relegated to serie B (Italian League), ending their 18-year serie A journey.

AC Parma

For me personally, Parma is very inspirational (same with Napoli).
It’s difficult to compete with old firm like Milan-duo and Juventus.
Parma is a sample that great team can be built from nothing.

They’re also remembered by their fancy and stylish costums of blue and yellow (giallo-blu).

They were brought up to Serie B by a great man called Arrigo Sacchi (later was recruited by Milan), and to Serie A by another great man called Nevio Scala (1990).

They won Italian League Cup and European Cup (UEFA).
Almost got their Serie A title, but lost it to Juventus.
In mid 90’s they’re among the Magnificent Seven : AC Milan, Inter Milan, Juventus, Parma, Roma, Fiorentina, and Lazio.

Like many Italian club, their financial back bone is only one company : Parmalat.
Therefore, when Parmalat went bankrupt, Parma started to sink slowly.

I remember some notable early players : Lorenzo Minotti, Antoni Bennarivo, Alberto di Chiara, Luca Bucci, Luigi Apolloni, Allesandro Melli.

Early Notable Imports : Faustino Asprilla, Thomas Brolin, Zola
Argentina Squad : Juan Sebastian Veron, Hernan Crespo, Ariel Ortega, Nestor Sensini
Juventus Exodus : Thuram-Buffon-Cannavaro-Marchionni-Filipo Inzaghi

I hope they will come back to Serie A soon.

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